MISE EN SCENE Perfect Serum Original Treatment

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A treatment for serious damaged hair by chemical or environmental factor. With the brand’s Crystal Cubic techonology, every nutrition from this product would be deliver deep and better into the hair. This product are perfect for who want professional-grade hair treatments at home. Formulated with plant-derived ingredients which makes it gentle on the scalp as well.


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MISE EN SCENE Perfect Serum Original Treatment

What is is:

– Intense Nutrition with 7X OIL
– 7 Damage Perfect Repair : Moisture / Split ends / Strength / Tangled / Rough / Shine / Elasticity
– 7 Oil Cocktail : Argan / Camellia / Marula / Olive / Jojoba / Coconut / Aprocot Oil
– Crystal Cubic TM : Nutrition lasting technology of Mise en Scene Treatment, Nutrition delivery to your hair deeply & Long lasting


Those who want professional-grade hair treatments at home
Those looking for a hair product with plant-derived ingredients
Those who want soft and glossy locks


Argan oil, Marula oil: Protects hair
Camellia oil: Provides nourishment
Coconut oil: Creates a protective coat on hair
Apricot oil: Imparts gloss
Jojoba oil & Olive oil: Moisturizes hair


Imparts a subtle fragrance with a patchouli and amber base note
Conditions and deeply nourishes damaged hair
Designed to improve hair texture


[How to Use]
After shampoo, apply the whole hair, especially end of the hair. After 2 ~ 3 minutes, rinse the hair

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Mise En Scene

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Perfect Serum Original Treatment




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