MAMONDE Flower Lab Essence Mask

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A super adhesive mask featuring flower extracts containing 2,000ppm that effectively deliver nutrients to the skin.


Size: 25ml

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Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask

Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask



What it is:

  • Flower Filtering Care Effects : A threefold filtering process produces tiny particles of 2,000ppm flower extract components to facilitate effective absorption and create strong, healthy skin.

  • 3 Types of Essences for Every Skin Type : The selection of 3 different types of essences allows you to choose the mask that’s right for your individual skin type and concern.

  • Light Fit Cell : “Light Fit Cell” is a cellulose sheet that was extracted from tree pulp such as eucalyptus trees. It is soft and translucent and adheres closely to the skin to retain moisture for longer periods.

The transparent Light Fit Sheet, made of real Eucalyptus tree pulp, helps deliver key benefits as it adheres to the skin to provide long lasting moisture.

  1. 1. Superior adhesion
  2. 2. Contains 2,000ppm of effective ingredients (flower extracts)
  3. 3. 25ml of essence with a premium texture

Description by Essence Type:

[Jelly Type Essence]A dense jelly type essence with a refreshing finish that effectively delivers flower extracts with a soothing effect on the skin.

[Serum Type Essence] A serum type essence with a refreshing texture that allows for the ideal absorption of flower extracts and treats and moisturizes the skin.

[Emulsion Type Essence] An emulsion type essence with abundant nourishment that leaves the skin smooth and luminous.


Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask

Translucence During 
Essence Immersion

How to use :

STEP 1. Cleanse and prep the skin with toner.

STEP 2. Adjust and smooth out the mask to fit the contours of your face, avoiding the eye and lip area.

STEP 3. Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes, and gently tap the remaining residue for full absorption.

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Anti-aging (Camellia), Brightening (Magnolia), Deep Moisturizing (Hibiscus), Hydrating (Narcissus), Lifting (Honey Suckle), Lively (Pomegranate), Moisturizing (Rose), Nourishing (Evening Primrose), Pore Care (Eoseongcho), Soothing (Calendula)





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Flower Lab Essence Mask


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