aneige pore tightening essence
laneige pore tightening essence

Laneige Pore Tightening Essence

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Laneige pore Tightening Essence is an outstanding product that belongs in the pore trouble series. The pore purifying complex in this product will resolve your pore problems.


Size: 100ml

Usage Period:  12 months after opening for optimal use


Manufacturer: Amore Pacific


Manufacturing Country: Korea

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Product Benefit :

– Tightens enlarged and drooped pores with cooling texture when applied.

– Keeps your skin look smooth and clean by quick absorbing without stickiness, elastically tightening pores, and controlling excessive sebum.

– A pore-tex peptide ingredient tightens enlarged pores and contracts the skin around pores by functioning to recover bone growth proteins and elastic proteins that prop up skin cells and pore barrier.

– Thuja orientalis seed extract, patent ingredient of AMOREPACIFIC, takes control of excessive excretion of sebum, and keeps pores look more clearly refined.

– With pore berry complex ingredients, it helps feed the supply of water into the skin whose hormonal balance was disturbed by excessive sebum secretion and lack of moisture, and it fortifies the defense system against skin troubles.



1. Apply appropriate amount after using emulsion in the morning and evening. Spread it over along the skin texture, and slightly pat over the face for well absorption.

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Product Name

Pore Tightening Essence


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