INNISFREE Skinny Volumecara


A volumizing mascara with super slim bending brush for a natural voluminous lash look.
Super slim bending brush thoroughly applies mascara to each and every lash to create a natural and yet fuller lash look.


Size: 3.5g

Exp Date: 20200729

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Innisfree Skinny Volumecara


Innisfree Skinny Volumecara Malaysia


-Quick-glide formula for beautiful lash look
SUPER QUICK DRY Coating System glides on the lashes and quickly dries to instantly give sleek volume.

– Light texture for a comfortable feel
Natural light powder that is friendly to the lash adds volume and at the same time minimizes irritation to the eyes.

What else you need to know

Super slim bending brush

The bending brush designed especially for the shape of Asian eyes to help apply the mascara easily and fully for a more natural voluminous lash look.

“Volume-up effect improved by 64.78%”
Clinically tested

91.7% satisfied with the volume of their lashes
95.8% satisfied with the long-lasting effect
100% satisfied with texture

How to use

1. Use the back of the brush to brush the lashes from root to tip in a zigzag pattern.

2. Use the inside of the brush to comb and curl the lashes.

3. Apply the mascara to the bottom lashes to make the eyes look big and sharp

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Skinny Volumecara


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