INNISFREE Skinny Longlongcara

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Slim and long mascara that curls up your lashes from root to top with an ultra slim, triangular-shaped brush, helping to create a long lash look.

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Exp Date: 20201119

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INNISFREE Skinny Longlongcara



Innisfree Skinny Longlongcara



What it is

– A triangular-shaped brush creating a long lash look without clumps!
This brush curls up lashes from roots to top, making them look longer.

– Keep your lashes curled up without concern of them drooping!
The memory curling polymer keeps your lashes curled up and prevents drooping.

– A long-lasting clean effect!
Formula preventing flakes and smudges to ensure clean makeup!

What else you need to know

[Choose mascara according to your eyelash type]

1. Skinny Microcara:
A mascara that perfectly curls up every hidden lash from roots to top

2. Skinny Waterproof Microcara:
A strong waterproof base preventing black smudges

3. Skinny LongLong Cara:
A mascara that curls up your lashes from roots to top, as if having eyelash extensions, to create a long lash look.

How to use

1. Apply the mascara as if pressing from the roots of eyelashes, moving in a zigzag pattern.
2. Erect the brush to completely reach even the shortest lashes as well as the upper and lower lashes.
3. Apply to the under lashes to create a clear eyelash look.

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Skinny Longlongcara


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