INNISFREE My Cushion Case_Orange

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Choose a Cushion refill according to your skin type, pick a beauty tool and the case design that you love!
Specially created by you, just the way you want it.


***PLEASE NOTE THAT this case DOES NOT fit the new version of Innisfree cushion (black color : Skinny Coverfit Cushion, Water Fit Cushion, Light Fit Cushion & My To Go Cushion) , it’s for the previous cushion refill (white color case)


Size: 1ea

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INNISFREE My Cushion Case_Orange





INNISFREE My Cushion Case_Orange




INNISFREE My Cushion Case_Orange



To customize your Cushion: choose your preferred shade, a beauty tool and case design that suit you best

STEP 1: Choose a Cushion Refill according to skin type (Long Wear Cover / Water Proof / Ampoule Cover )
STEP 2: Choose a Beauty Tool (Air Magic Puff / Air Magic Puff Fitting / Cover Stamping Puff )
STEP 3: Choose a Case Design (Over 100 case designs to choose from)

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My Cushion Case_Orange




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