HANYUL Nature In Life Sheet Mask


Hanyul is a ‘Hanbang’ brand which uses Korean traditional herbal ingredients for their products, this mask is no exception, each mask is infused with natural Korean herbal ingredients that offer deep hydration and nutrients to your skin.


Size: 24ml

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Hanyul Nature In Life Sheet Mask


What you need to know:

Brown Pine Leaves: Refreshing, revitalizing clear sheet mask. Goesan, the hometown of pine trees full of refreshing pine fragrance. The clear essence of brown pine leaves full of special natural energy makes tired skin look bright and revitalized. (Wrinkle improvement function)

Pure Artemisia: Skin moisturizing, soothing sheet mask. Artemisia grown strong under the sea wind of Ganghwado Island. The moisturizing liquid from pure artemisia harvested before May 5 according to the lunar calendar moisturizes and soothes tired skin.

Rice: Moisturizing strong moisture sheet mask. Strong Yeoju rice cultivated by clean water and land rich in organic matter under a big difference between day and night temperatures .The strong moisturizing substance of red rice obtained after fermenting it with red malt for 8 days moisturizes dry, flaky skin. It comforts and wraps skin with rich nourishment. (Dual function of Wrinkle improvement/Whitening)

White Chrysanthemum: Fragrant brightening sheet mask. White chrysanthemum grown in the pristine area of Gangwondo. Like a fragrant white chrysanthemum flower blooming under the sunlight, the mask makes stressed-out, sagging skin look bright and radiant. (Whitening function)

Seo Ri Tae: Nourishment-rich, highly moisturizing sheet mask. Black beans grown in the pristine nature of Yeongwol, Gangwondo Province, resisting cold frost. The rich essence containing viscous ferment liquid full of strong life energy of black beans soothes and nourishes rough skin. (Dual function of Wrinkle improvement/Whitening)

How to use:

1.Use after tidying up skin texture with toner.

2.Take out the sheet and place the upper and lower part according to the base of both eyes.

3.After 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet and gently tap the face to promote the absorption of residue into skin.

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Nature In Life Sheet Mask


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