5 Best Korean Powder Blushers of 2019

If there’s one beauty product that every skin tones and types should have, it’s blusher. On a good blusher day, any makeup will looks more polished and alive. A pinch of rosy blush hue on the cheeks could instantly transform any tired and dull complexions into a healthy glowing, wide awake face.

Blusher comes in various forms, from cream to liquid to the ever so innovative mousse texture. These days, you can find booklet paper blush and spray-on can blusher too. Even so, powder blush seems to be the evergreen format of all time. So, here are the 5 Best Korean Powder Blushers of 2019, ranged from classic release to the recently launched products.




1. ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher



Just like the name suggest, this is your lovely blusher that won Best Pink Blush in 2015 awarded by popular beauty TV show in South Korea – “Get it Beauty”.

This blusher comes in dome topped plastic packaging with fluffy puff included. Formulated with unique powder texture, this blusher meant to brighten up the skin for a long lasting clear makeup. It also incorporated sebum control powder technology to help absorb sebum and maintain a fresh looking makeup. That’s a quality you expect from an award-winning blusher!


Apart from its super affordable price tag, what we love is the extensive options of shade available, with a total of 12 shades to choose from! From innocent pink shade to trendy lavender shade to earthy brown-beige shade and energy-giving bright grapefruit shade.  You can definitely find something that suits your skin tone. Also, this blusher comes in different finishes – matte, sheer and pearly shimmer. Some shades contain barely noticeable fine glitter flakes which reflect light for a radiant look. If you prefer a subtle look, just lightly tap the powder blush on your cheeks with the puff, if you like it more pigmented, just simply add a few more pats on the cheeks to build up the colour intensity. Thanks to the non-chalky powdery formula, the final looks would not end up looking patchy.




2. INNISFREE My Lip & Cheek [Airy]


Innisfree came up with a fun line called My Palette which is basically a customizable makeup palette where you can separately buy the eyeshadow, blushers, shading etc. and create your own makeup palette. Obviously, Innisfree is not the first beauty brand that introduces this creative concept but this brand is surely a strong contender in the game. So far, Innisfree produced 8 types of product for this line – eyeshadow, blusher, highlighter, contour, eyebrow, concealer, colour corrector and an eye primer; in all kind of shades and formulas (cream, powder, mousse) to cater every conceivable need. You can choose from their 3 different sizes of regular palette or even their limited edition design cases. My Lip & Cheek is the brand’s latest addition to the My Palette line which is a dual-purpose product. This is a hybrid between a blusher and a lip product.


Available in 3 romantic rosy shades – No.1 Mellow Rose, No.2 Vintage Rose, No.3 Classic Rose, each of them with different added depth and warmth to the tones, these beautiful colors are packed inside a compact, sturdy see-through plastic container where you can easily check the colors without opening it. On the pan, it feels almost like a cream to the touch. When applied on the cheek, the hybrid formula of mousse and velvety texture blends seamlessly like a powder. The unique airy texture makes it works well on both lip and cheek.

This one has an intense pigmentation, so make sure to apply it lightly first and then adjust the intensity from there. As a blusher, you can also easily mix 2 colours together because the blendibility is amazing. It also has long lasting staying power! Thanks to its lightweight, airy formula just like how the product is named, it gives a matte finish with a sheer-looking feel on cheeks and doesn’t feel heavy on lips at all. You can simply use your finger to stain your lips with the colour to create a harmonious overall look together with the cheek.



You can either use this as a single product or add it to your makeup palette. Each individual plastic container has a magnetic sheet and the pan can easily be detached. In case you are not aware of it yet, yes, you can transfer the pan into any magnetic palette you already own. The remaining empty container can be used to store small items like safety pin and bobby pin. Or you can just send the empty plastic packaging back to Innisfree store for upcycling .

Anything ‘airy’ seems to sell well these day. But believe us, this product is not a marketing gimmick. The texture is truly amazing! You will love it!




3. LILYBYRED Luv Beam Cheek


Have you ever seen such a stylishly cute packaging for a blusher? Seriously Lilybyred Luv Beam Cheek is to die for! Lilybyred Luv Beam Cheek  has been well-loved since its  first day on the market until today. In this eye-catching holographic cardboard packaging, you also get a mirror inside. The brand offers 9 shades that are supposed to match all kind of makeup looks; be it sweet, warm or natural.

With its silky and soft powder formula, you can apply and blend the blusher so quickly and smoothly on the cheeks. It is also a highly pigmented blusher. As its name suggests, micro fine shimmer were added into the blusher and you will get that cute beaming look.





4. MISSHA Cotton Blush

Missha Cotton blush is another affordable Korean blusher with 10 shades available for you to choose from. With its compact size, it’s perfect for on-the-go touch ups and great for traveling.

If you associated the word ‘cotton’ with soft velvet textures and soft matte finish – you have the right blusher here. This blusher offers vivid pigmentation with natural effects on the cheeks. Silky elastic powder allows the product to adhere firmly, making it last longer even on oily skin. It also contains delicate shimmering pearl powder that  gives you healthy flush.



Although this blusher has an overall decent pigmentation that can be built up to your desired intensity, some shades might have better colour payoff than other. Apparently, Missha had renewed their blusher line. Some people find that the new version is a little bit inconsistent in formula. Some shades apply better and some are not. Nevertheless, we still love this powder blusher as the formula helps control oil and shine, it works best on those with oily or combination skin types.




5. ETUDE HOUSE Blossom Cheek


Etude house released a limited edition Blossom Picnic collection for summer/spring this year. The collection includes 4 shades of powder blusher with pink base. The blusher comes in a very sturdy plastic case with transparent lid. You can see the cherry blossom pattern embossed on the packaging as well as on the actual products which is really pretty to look at.

This blusher gives the skin a brighter youthful look. With satin pearls in this blusher, when applied to your cheeks, you will get a beautiful sheer finish. So, if you are into the highlighter trend, Etude House Blossom Cheek will be your next best purchase.


The only con we want to mention here is the sheer formula that tends to need a little more layers for the colour to show up on the skin. The good thing is this blusher has a non-patchy formula which means you can easily layer colors to build up the intensity. We recommend synthetic brush for this process for building up colour intensity slowly. If you prefer natural look, then you can just skip the layering steps, as Etude House Blossom Cheek gives a sheer glow with the lightest touch.

For that limited edition packaging, pretty shades and affordable price, this 2019 new powder blusher undoubtedly deserves everyone’s attention.



Blushers are definitely one of the beauty products that should have a permanent place in your makeup rut. Though pink shade and powder type cheek rouge seems to be the most iconic one in the market, it’s exciting to see how brands expanding their productions year after year. Given that everyone skin and facial feature is distinct from one another, mastering blusher might take some times. Once you have found your preference and getting comfortable with your blusher application, you will never leave home without this rouge.

Did your current blusher obsession listed in this entry? Feel free to share your favorite blusher and why you love them in the comment section below. We would love to engage with you!

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